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Enabling small business's to have the reach that they need to increase revenue streams and impact their market segment.



 Improving efficiency and smart money practices which enable business to increase and use capital in the most effective way possible.

The Future of Technology in Education


AVT's goal is to provide the infrastructure needed to successfully implement Virtual Reality (VR) as a pivotal part of the education system. Our platform will allow an experience as easy to use as Netflix or YouTube, with a vast catalog of content. These videos can be explored in a 360 degree field of vision using a VR headset and transport the classroom to anywhere in the world.



High Quality Gaming Content


Theorem Gaming is a team comprise of PC and Console Streamers and Competitive players. Our team uses platforms such as Twitch and Youtube to provide engaging and professional gameplay for viewers. Currently TG is working on growing the team and increase its presence in the competitive and online scene. Our Current Roster includes 5oGlock (, Braygs ( and Sasha.  


Rich Custer Photography


Rich Custer is a 20 year old photo and video Content Creator based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. He specializes in Portraits, Landscape scenery, and Creative Ad content. 

After picking up his first camera, Rich fell in love with creating something out of nothing. After high school, Rich firmly believed a classroom wasn't going to be in his future, so he turned to his true passion, Photography.

Since then, Rich has spent thousands of hours behind my camera loves every minute of it!



African Culture 


Originated in Africa now based out of Dallas Texas, Lukachi is a designer brand dedicated to bringing cultural apparel to indivuduals on a global level. Lukachi clothing will be officially launching in Spring 2019 but has a limited supply of clothing available for consumers on their website.