Brooke Holdings ICO Announcement

Brooke Holdings is currently working on a Gold Backed Cryptocurrency that will be launching in early November. We firmly believe that in its current state Cryptocurrency should not be viewed as a currency, but as a speculative investment. By providing a coin that is backed by Blockchain technology and physical reserves of gold, we will be introducing a more secure investment. More information will be released as we further develop this product.

Forward Moving Statement

The Team at Brooke Holdings is very excited about the progression of the Small Business's that it is currently working with. Lukachi Clothing is currently increasing its selection of inventory and designs and will be officially launching in early 2019. Advanced Virtual Technology is currently procuring coders with specialties in Virtual Reality as well as App Development and will have a minimum viable product available within the the next month. Theorem Gaming is expanding its Team Roster, increasing the amount of sponsors and growing its presence in the competitive scene. Rich Creative Co and Rich Custer are working on developing a portfolio and acquisition of commercial media deals.